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Psychic Reading

Uplift your carreer, relationships, finances, investments, etc. directly guided by your Spirit Guardians and Angels!

Using my clairvoyance, highly accurate intuition skills and different tools and methods, such as pendulum, runas, crystals, etc. I will channel and deliver for you, any messages, warnings, answers, and advices that your “Celestial Counselors” want you to get, so that you can take better decisions, find happiness, fullfilness, peace and encouragement to manage and improve your life!

You will receive a detailed report in a very understanding and comprehensive pdf file, according to the service requested.

What can you expect from a live or distance session? We will be getting the most out of our time together, trying and using several tools for confirmations and/or clarification, so you can leave with peace of mind and clear guidance to take better decisions.


100 words reading


300 words reading


500 words reading


Psychic Readings

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Book a Live Chat Reading!

15 minutes session


30 minutes session


60 minutes session


15 minutes follow up


*Voice and/or video readings, limited to availability, DM to confirm, prior booking.

*Text only chat readings (no voice, no video) vacant for booking at any time.

*Cancelations or Booking Reschedule with 24 hours of advice only.

Dont wait for things to hapen, discover your life path today


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