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Hello and Welcome!

Come on in and just call me
MidnightMoon girl.

I am a psychic, healer and holistic practitioner expert. Using my psychic gifts, along with other ancient tools and alternative methods, I help people find inner peace, happiness, guidance, self discovery and empowerment.

Are you looking for advice about love, romance, money, career, and any other aspect of your life?...

Stop walking in the dark and let’s dig deep into your subconscious, with the help of your Spiritual Guides and Angels, we can find the right questions and answers to improve your life once and for all. The future is not set in stone and you can act right NOW to make it better!


These are some of the ways I can help you:


1. Tap into your intuitive gifts to improve all aspects of your life!

2. Build confidence, feel happy and realized. Revamp your energy!

3. Discover your life purpose and shape your destiny.

4. Connect with your angels and guides, awaken your intuition.

5. Guide you on how to Protect Yourself from Negative people and situations.

You might be wondering how would I be able to help with all of that, do I know what am I talking about at least?…


The short answer would be “yes I do!”


But let me tell you a little more about me.


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been gifted with a high intuition and the ability to predict and visualize events that shortly after would occur (Clairvoyance), which made me curious to try to understand more about this and other psychic skills which, apparently, only some of us, are gifted with, of course now I know that we all have these abilities asleep deep inside and they can be awaken with patience, time, proper guidance and constancy.

I have dedicated most of my teenage years and adulthood to research and study several holistic sciences, alternative methods, and healing techniques, becoming Usui Reiki Master and Certified Astrologer.


Also, I have completed several courses including but not limited to: numerology, cards interpretation, akashic records, metaphysic foundations, dreams interpretation, aromatherapy, meditation, alternative medicine, and other specialties within the spirituality and personal growth fields. I have helped many people all over the world with face to face sessions and now, I am expanding the reach of my mission, using the new technologies of the information and communication thanks to the internet.

Dont wait for things to hapen, discover your life path today

Proud Member of Top Elite Internationally Recognized Associations.


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