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Mind Manipulation


The technique of remote influence on others or mind control can be used to insert thoughts into the minds of other people. The mind control technique allows human behavior to be modified remotely, and without the affected person noticing, which allows to quickly solve innumerable problems of daily life that otherwise would not be solved.


The objective is to suggest and dominate the subconscious (which orders its automatic behaviors) of the person you want to fall in love with or do what you want.


For the work to work, must be done every night for at least 15 minutes, in this way repeating precise and direct orders we will little by little suggesting the subconscious of the person we want to influence with the orders that you request, this is a safe job because it is not witchcraft, there are no pacts or spirits, this is science through the direct effect of redirecting energy and mental vibrations, therefore an effective and proven means. The effects will gradually begin to occur 15-20 days after starting work.


Orders should be sent to the subconscious at a distance to someone during the night, if they are asleep much better, because their psychic defenses will be reduced to a minimum, if the person we influence is asleep, they will almost immediately begin to dream about the content that we are imposing on them. your mind, or you will immediately wake up thinking about it.


If the target person is awake, he/she will soon begin to think about the subject that we have addressed from you mentally, which will appear in consciousness as a more or less strong thought or desire. It is common to observe people who, being influenced by this technique, are busy in their work, become distracted and become thoughtful almost immediately.


If you are unsure or afraid about working with magic due the risk of working with spirits, because some sorcerers use evil spirits to do these works and that could have dangerous consequences for you and your family, mind control and telepathy could be a better option for your tranquility.


Recover that unique being for you, get that promotion you have been waitting, get people to change their attitude and predisposition towards you, embrace back your joy and hope! Regain control on your life!



15 minutes Consultation


30 minutes Consultation


Spells Casting and Curse Removal

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I will cast the spell either at my own altar or with my colleagues at the coven to make sure you receive the best results, according to your purchased package. Just let me know the commands you want to be implanted in the target person’s mind and they will be delivered in such a way that your target person shall be convinced of those thoughs as their own. If you purchase the premium package you will also receive the powerful “Success Explosion” mind manipulation spell, that I will direct at you, to clear your mind, fill it with optimistic thoughs, help you focus and be more positive, so that you can  improve your carreer, sweeten your relationship and change your life from your inside out.


Butterfly Effect

Guaranteed mind manipulation

1 hour cast at my own altar, distributed as per your choice

1 command


Success Explosion

Guaranteed mind manipulation

4 hours cast at coven, distributed as per your choice

unlimited commands

Success Explosion Spell


Blooming Abundance

Guaranteed white magic mooring or spell

4 hours cast at my own altar, distributed as per your choice

up to 3 commands


My work is guaranteed however, results and signs varies from one case to another and is unique on its own terms.

Dont wait for things to hapen, discover your life path today


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