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Astrological Chart Analysis


The birth chart is a map where the energetic conditions, based on the study of the astrological elements, factors and conditions present at the moment of your birth are represented. It can be compared to a luggage that we bring when we enter this plane. The correct interpretation of your birth chart, helps us on a personal level, as a tool for self-knowledge and evolution, it serves to get to know each other and to get to know others, since our personality, potentialities, learning and innate talents that will accompany us throughout our lives are reflected in it describes what we came to this world with; it is the sum of our potentials and learnings. Report on different aspects of your person: character, temperament, ability to bond, vocation, work, health, karma and much more.


The reading of the natal chart, helps us find the characteristics of the individual that would otherwise remain hidden, giving the person the opportunity to enhance their own qualities that they did not know about or to understand certain behaviors and situations that are repeated or are not able to control, allowing to create strategies to evolve according to their innate nature.


You will receive a detailed report with your astrological map, with my analysis and explaination of your potentials, characteristics of your personality (positive and negative) so that you can obtain better results in life, how to easily locate the type of people who can help you and those who can harm you, the most appropriate means for you to earn money, the activities in which you should be more successful, your life goals, your ability to respond to eventual crises and many interesting aspects that will help you lead a more productive life, happy and healthy. Additionally as a bonus, I will decode, based on numerology analyse, your regent number, as well the tarot cards that represent you, so that you can understand yourself better, take steps to control yourself and make wiser decisions.


Astrological Birth Chart


Lovers & Friends Chart


Astrology Chart Analysis

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